Upcoming art veloce show

Portrait of Sid

Announcing my upcoming art show at ME Gallery, St Leonards – 21-25 May 2019. It is a collection of 30 faces to focus on men’s mental health. The show is called ‘Old man, take a look at my life’.

All works are the result of painting ‘veloce’ style. Veloce is a term I’ve used to describe the all prima impasto style where all paintings are completed in one session, usually in only an hour or two. Veloce means ‘fast’ or ‘quick’.

The theme of the show is a close up on expression and character through impasto. Each image is captured viscerally – images frozen in moments of contemplation, absurdity and disconnection. It discusses men’s mental health and moments of laughter and self reflection.

‘Painting, to me, is an energy exchange to capture expression through gestural brushwork with a limited palette.’

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postcard layout

The complexities of complex character

This is my entry into the Bald Archy Prize 2019. It is a complex piece, borne out of a necessity to see how many expressions and essence of character I could get in to one picture while still maintaining integrity with a holistic picture. A PM Pastiche. I wanted viewers to stop and look at this and use their hands to block out sections of the work to see who they can see.

I wanted it to look like one of the portraits in the Parliament House Gallery and added an extra element of a thin wooden frame stuck onto the canvas.

The result is intriguing and thankfully has received some press within the Capital’s writers. The Prize this year opens in the ACT on Feb 4 and travels around the eastern seaboard, with the winner announced in Sydney in March.

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