I have started using pastel again in my artmaking, starting with caricatures and now producing some more realistic art. However, I am not using this medium conventionally sense. Years ago, I started using pastel as my weapon of choice, rejoicing that I could do som,e here and some there and not have to worry about paint drying out etc. Pastel is a bright medium to use and extremely versatile. I love the fact of blending to create smooth effects.

When I work with pastels now, I have discovered that the loose dust plays a part in the image and storytelling. It adds character to the image’s edges and adds a freshness and energy in look and feel. Also it adds to the medium’s vulnerability. To this end, I incorporate that as part of the final image. When complete I’ll take a photo of the image to capture the spontaneity of the dust. That photo then becomes the artwork. The ‘original’ is the means to an end.

I know some say why don’t you sparay with fixative. By definition fixative, when sprayed on the surface will blow the dust over the artwork, so that’s not an option. Below is an example of a generated works of Pastel prints.

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