Bald Archy entries for 2017


Wizard of TAZ   (C) Mark Tippett 2017


The NSW Electoral Stakes (c) Mark Tippett 2016

Here are my two entries for this year’s lampooning Bald Archy Prize launching at the Watson Arts Centre on 12 Feb 2017. As usual there is plenty of fodder out there in the political and social media landscape and me thinks that Donald Trump doing what many pundits thought ‘against the odds’ a great leg up for Australian cartoonists and media types. In my two pieces I have once again chosen to focus on Tassie senator Jacqui Lambie and her merry band of newbies plus an old hand in ‘Independent Senator Nick X’ and Greens Leader, Robert D’N. To me it screamed ‘Wizard of Oz’ or as I’ve called it ‘Wizard of Taz’ (92 x 122 cm acrylic on canvas). Makes sense doesn’t it?

The second piece was a reaction to (ex)Premier of NSW Mike Baird and the knee jerk reaction to ban a 200-year-old industry – greyhound racing. The painting follows the story of Macquarie radio station’s ‘hounding’ of the Premier, the (then) Deputy Premier and the NSW govt. The work is called ‘The NSW Electoral Stakes’ (61 x 122cm oil on canvas). Footnote: but wouldn’t you know it, the week I was sending my works to Canberra for selection, Mike announces he is stepping aside and retiring from politics IMMEDIATELY. Politics is a fickle business; so too, lampooning!

Enjoy. The details for the upcoming Prize and tour is at

-Mark Tippett





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